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AideRx, A Transaction Data Systems Program

Adherence-Focused Patient Communication

What is AideRx?

AideRx is an adherence-focused patient communications program brought to you by Transaction Data Systems. Designed to help boost medication adherence and ease communication between pharmacist and patient.

  • Increase prescription refills
  • Decrease prescription abandonment rates
  • Educate and engage patients
Watch the short video to learn more about AideRx and the value it brings to your pharmacy.


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Improve Adherence and Bring Patients Back Into Your Pharmacy

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Adherence Improvement

 Communication interventions can increase adherence by more than 15%

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Increase Prescription Refills

We have seen a 5% increase in new Rx fill rates across all ages


Decrease Abandonment Rates

We have found a 7-11% decrease in abandonment across multiple therapeutic classes


Educate Patients

Educational material helps patients remember when and how to take their medication

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is adherence focused patient communication important?

What value does adherence focused patient communication bring to my pharmacy?

What is the cost for my pharmacy to participate in AideRx?

What is the patient satisfaction rate for text messages?

What prescriptions are eligible for AideRx communications?

Will you send communications to my patients?

How do I setup AideRx?

How can I determine which patients will receive AideRx communications?

Will my patients still receive their will-call notification text message?

What phone number will my patients receive text messages from?

What if my patient does not want to receive notifications?

What if I do not want my pharmacy to participate in AideRx?

How do I opt my pharmacy back in to this program after we opted out?

What are the terms and conditions?


Amount of prescriptions estimated by the FDA that are never filled


Percent of medications that are not taken as prescribed


Estimated annual cost of non-optimized medication therapy in the US

The Benefits of a Medication Adherence Program

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The estimated annual cost of prescription drug-related morbidity and mortality resulting from non-optimized medication therapy has been estimated at more than $500 billion, per Pharmacy Times, with more than 275,000 deaths related to non-optimized drug therapy occurring every year. 

The Challenges of Medication Adherence 

Medication adherence is one of the most difficult challenges faced by community pharmacists. There are many reasons patients do not or cannot comply with their medication schedules, and pharmacists are their main line of defense and communication to fight against adverse outcomes. 

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If you have previously opted out of AideRx and would like to opt back in, please click the button to fill out a PandaDoc form.


If you would like to opt out of AideRx, click the button to fill out a form. Your pharmacy NCPDP, TDS Software type, and email will be needed.